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Sapphire Spas Coral Sands

Omni Hot Tubs - Omni

Omni Hot Tubs - Omni

Monday, 30 May 2016

New Showroom Opening Soon.

New Showroom opening at,
Gates Garden Centre
Somerby Road
Cold Overton
LE15 7QB
0166 445 4477
Come and see our range of Alps Spas, Viking Spas, Cedar Barrel Saunas and Timber Gazebos.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

We all love enjoying a Spa or hot tub, it’s relaxing just by yourself and to enjoy your with children, friends and family it can truly bring people closer together but Every Spa or Hot tub has a big invisible problem which can be very bad your health and the components in the Spa.
The Problem is sediment filled with bacteria and calcium called BIOFILM which settles in the pipes, pumps, heater, corners.

The same process happens with a vase of flowers on the table, in a couple of days you’ll see a slimy substance, it probably sounds familiar.

An even better example is your teeth just feel your teeth after a while they also build up biofilm, that is one of the reasons that you brush them ! 
So the question arises why don’t we “brush” the tubing of the Spa ? Chlorine or Bromine can't do the job alone.
If we don’t clean the pipes and allow it to fill up with biofilm there are consequences, chlorine or bromine can’t work properly,

bacteria and calcium build up and is protected by the biofilm and gets harder to get rid of.
All of this happens in the pipes which you don’t see which is, other then contrary to popular belief, NOT convenient.

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New for 2016 12 months interest free credit on all hot tubs and spas, subject to credit check and status.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Whitepavilion Contemporary Gazebos For Hots And Spas

The only garden Gazebos that allows you soft natural light…A collection to suit your garden and your pocket…Your permanent all year round garden room…
This is your affordable luxury garden Gazebos
Make the most out of your garden this year. The stylish White Pavilion garden gazebo looks great, is built to the highest of standards and lets you enjoy your garden all year round, late into the evening on your own or with friends
The White Pavilion range of gazebos are contemporary styled permanent garden structures. Their modern appearance comes from a tensioned PVC waterproof membrane covering a robust wooden framework jointed with exposed stainless steel fastenings and bolts and come in a range of sizes to suit all garden types.The White Pavilion gazebos will provide protection from the sun, wind and rain to give you the guarantee of enjoying the outdoors throughout the year – whatever the weather.
to view the complete range of White Pavilion Gazebos visit -

Hot Tub and Spa Gazebo's

We have a selection of 8 top quality Gazebos for you to choose from all designed to enhance your hot tub or spa. You may wish to purchase a Gazebos just to enhance your garden, giving a shaded area to enjoy those summer days and relax in style.
Delivery Of Your Gazebo -
The delivery is a kerbside delivery at your requested address. The gazebo will arrive flat packed for home self assembly with instructions included. This will be a 2 person project and will take approximately a day to complete. Delivery on some gazebos will be 21/28 days please contact for exact delivery times, some will be stock items and can be dispatched within 48hrs.
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Are you looking for a chemical free hot tub water treatment, well now you have found one.

Spa Hot Tub water sanitiser - made simple and environmentally friendly!
This remarkable formula keeps your spa hot tub water clean, sparkling bright and fresh with no harsh chemicals or irritating odours for 90 days. These powerful yet gentle cleansers remove contaminants to eliminate unsightly scum and foam and prevents scale or mineral deposits from forming.
Forget the shower after use, as Aquasafe leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and velvety smooth. With no corrosive chemicals in Aquasafe to cause rust, stains or tainted water, your pump, filter, heater and every part of your Spa in contact with the water will look better and last longer. Simply add the Aquasafe and shock* your water once a week to help breakdown the non organic matter. Change the water after 3 months.
A spa hot tub day to day sanitiser which is Free ofChlorine and Bromine
100% bio-based, all natural Seaweed Enzymes
Add once every 90 days after spa hot tub water change
FREE from Chlorine or Bromine toxicity - completelybio-degradable and non-toxic to the environment
FREE from itching, rashes, dry skin & burning eyes
FREE from daily maintenance and testing - NO more test kits!
FREE from chemical smells
Save water, don't waste a valuable asset - Drain your spa water directly on garden!
* The weekly shock can be carried out using a chlorine or non chlorine shock treatment.
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Camaro Bubble Spa - Inflatable Hot Tub from Mspa

Ideal portable hot tub spa to be used at home or being totally portable for use in a holiday home or at your caravan site, all the fun of a hot at a fraction of the cost.
The Camaro is only £495 delivered to your door.
The fantastic new Camaro from the hugely respected Chinese exporter, ORPC (the Oriental Recreational Products Company - Shanghai) was available in the UK for the first time in 2008 and was a huge success. sales are set to rocket this year!
There are two MSpas available in the UK, the Camaro and the Blue Sea. Both MSpas benefits from the patented I-beam internal air chamber structure giving unparalleled strength and rigidity to the spa and making MSpas much more robust than other inflatable spas on the UK market. These spas also have a more powerful blower than the other inflatable spas available and more air jets (128 rather than 80).
An important new feature for 2009 is that the Camaro air blower is now heated, meaning that the water doesn't go cold as soon as you turn the bubbles on. There is no other inflatable spa on the market with this great feature.
Another great feature of the Camaro is the inflatable, insulating cover which keeps the heat in and ensure that your electricity bills are kept to a minimum. In our opinion this is an absolute 'must have' for any inflatable spa used in the UK climate.
The Camaro is backed by a full 12 month electrical warranty, UK technical helpline and a full parts service. All product is replaced without quibble should a fault occur during the warranty period. It is also supplied with a 6 month shell warranty, longer than most other inflatable spas.
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